Recap – August Meet-Up @ Yelp

We had a blast at Yelp! Thanks so much to Lillian and her team for hosting and not to mention the pizza, salad, and of course drinks.

This month our talks consisted of a dive into the Yelp Engineering world of OSXCollector. Ivan Leichtling explained “How to stop the bleeding, contain and eradicate threats.” The tool is available via Github. It is a single python script can be automated to run on client devices or simply thrown onto a usb stick. Ivan offered insight into why Yelp built the tool and how to implement. Check out Ivan’s OSXCollector presentation.

Next we had Jason Miller from Macbrained and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab giving a recap of PSU Mac Admins 2015. For those who do not know that is Penn State Mac Admins Conference 2015. Jason shared what the conference is about, why he attended, and lastly why you should attend. There were over 59 sessions packed in three days of learning and conversing with your colleagues.

Lastly, we announced that 2nd Annual Hack the Mac competition! This year’s theme is “Create an application or utility that solves a common problem” with two categories:

  • User Facing

  • Admin Facing


  • MUST have a GUI

  • MUST provide value to many and not be too environmentally specific (open source[able])

  • MUST be clear and well documented

  • MUST be made available via Github or any other open source repository to share with the community

  • MUST be available to present at the November event or have a recorded video to be shown if you are in the top 3

  • MUST be limited to 3 or less main contributors participating on a team (this does not include shadowers)

Sept. 23 @ Square in S.F. – We will be having two workshops focused on Web UI and OS X UI. This workshop will also serve as our Sept. meet-up.

More Important Dates:

  • Team Submissions Due Friday, Sept. 25

  • Final App Submissions Due – Oct. 30

  • Top 3 Announced – Nov. 2

  • Top 3 Present and Winners Announced – Nov. 17

We look forward to all the entries and see what great apps come out of this years competition!

Macbrained is proudly sponsored by JAMF Software.


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