Recap – May Meet-up @ Quantcast

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We had a blast at Quantcast – thanks to Steve and his team for hosting and for the tasty burritos :). He’s hiring so check out their open req!


Here are some highlights


First up Bryson Tyrrell of JAMF Software joined us live all the way from Minneapolis to chat about a project he’s been working on, Promoter. Promoter is a Python module used to replicate objects within the JSS via the JSS API. This tool can be used to easily recreate prod in staging environments – pretty handy! Watch Bryson’s talk below and be sure to check out his blog for more info on Promoter and much more.




Next up Greg Bayte of Facebook gave a glimpse of how his team leverages the power of Munki, an open source tool to manage OS X clients. With a fleet of over 12,000 machines fb is constantly coming up with creative and innovation ways to leverage tools like Munki to manage the unmanageable. Check out the clip!

Here are a couple of resources that were mentioned throughout the talk:




You can watch the meet-up in it’s entirety here


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