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Hey Community!

A couple months ago we sent out a survey asking you how we were doing. We analyzed the results and it was loud and clear that our main focus needed to be building out our website to better serve as a platform for collaboration. So that’s exactly what we did – starting with a new, faster and more reliable hosting service we redesigned the site to better serve you. Our meet-ups are not the only place you can go ask questions and share knowledge with the best in the business. We now have functioning forums and groups as a natural place to continue the conversation. The following are the differences between groups, forums and topics because we can’t be the only ones that find it a wee bit confusing:


Join a group and get notified (if you’d like) when new topics are posted to the group’s dedicated forum.


Each group has a dedicated forum focused on the group’s subject


Members can post topics to forums

We hope you like the new layout and find the improved features useful. As always please feel free to send your feedback to

 Oh and…


-The Macbrained Team


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